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Scott Lapierre

Shale Specialists LLC


Scott Lapierre graduated with a BSc. in Geology from the University of South Alabama in 1995 and began his oil career working offshore as an LWD field engineer in the Deepwater GOM. His interest in formation measurements led him to the discipline of petrophysics and he then joined Conoco Phillips in 2005. In 2009, Scott moved to Pioneer Natural Resources where he further refined his hydrocarbon quantification mapping techniques, playing a key role in transitioning Pioneer from a low-fi vertical driller to a major horizontal operator. After leaving Pioneer in 2014, Scott with his colleagues successfully raised $100MM in private equity and created PCORE Exploration and Production where they successfully acquired core acreage in one of America’s hottest plays; drilled 3-top performing wells; and then sold it.

Since 2016, Scott has been consulting and conducting self-funded research under the banner of Shale Specialists LLC.

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